Accelerating Testing and Manufacturing phase for Upcoming College Challenges

3d printed mechanical parts

When an Engineering college team began designing their next ATV for National BAJA Competition in India, they knew it was essential to have a fast and efficient designing and manufacturing timeline for their vehicle to get with the sufficient amount of time left for testing as well as tuning of their vehicle before the competition.

Equipped with the best in class Designing software and a team of highly skilled students, the designing of the vehicle was not an issue and the designing work is done as per the schedule. But, things get tough when manufacturing of the vehicle started. From non availability of parts, vendor disputes, cost savings, delayed work by vendor and so on. They faced all the major issue almost every team and new industry faced while manufacturing their new product. As all the parts of the vehicle are interdependent and non-availability of one part will cause the complete assembly process on pause.

Inspiring Curious Minds

These young inspiring students have already used 3d printed prototypes for various projects and knows about the advantages and limitations of the 3d printing technology. They came up with an idea of 3d printing various parts of the vehicle as dummy parts and continue the assembly of the vehicle till the original part is not manufactured from local manufacturing vendor source. This gave them the benefit of time saving as well as fitment and assembly testing before investing heavily in the machining of metal parts.


Nurturing Young Minds

To deliver this idea they contacted Designifying. With the help of designifying, the parts are manufactured and delivered on the same day and reaches the assembly location next day, thus minimising the supply chain time and providing economical solution of the problem.

3D Printed Designifying
3D Printed Wheel Assembly Hub Prototype

With the goal of sparking curiosity to foster a learning environment of exploration and discovery, Designifying continues to provide quality prototypes that students can use. Whether they’re working on their next educational project or for an upcoming challenge, the team knows they can rely on Designifying to create parts that last through essential testing and design phases.

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