No Manufacturing limitations and Unlimited Design Freedom

3D Printed smallest part designifying

Design and Development Engineers across industries always face an issue of manufacturing limitation. There creativity and design freedom distorts due to the limitation of the manufacturing techniques.

Similar issue arises when one of our client wants to manufacture Pupil Dilator for an Medical Instrumentation Development company. The major issue is the size of the product. Before moving ahead to manufacturing, they want to test and confirm the functionality of the product. But the dimensions of the part is so small that any subtractive manufacturing (also some of the additive manufacturing) techniques are not viable.

After having discussion with the design and production experts of the industry the final solution of manufacturing it in Stratasys Polyjet 3D Printing technology finalised.

The first product was teated, and the result was great. but the product didn’t survive the post processing cleaning of the part. But with this, the team gained the confidence of production viability and move ahead with another test prints. This time the part is printed perfectly and survived the post processing cleaning and packaging operations.

The product is in the final testing process at the clients end. Once finalised, the product will go into the mass manufacturing phase.

The main issue we faced is with the handling of these parts, the parts were so small that they even bend with a slight air flow movement. We took care precautions while cleaning and packaging of the parts.

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